Footballastic is an active card game.

Footballastic a unique and sporty card game! Playing together and having fun are central. A soccer game with a unique twist. Compete with friends. Have the ambition to improve their fitness and technique. Find out who is the best. But anyone can win until the last minute.

Grab cards and complete challenges. Play it solo, multiplayer or in a team. Complete challenges and get points. Are you going to hinder your opponent and take away points? choose your level: easy, medium or hard. Play this game with 1-5 players. This card game takes about 40 minutes.

The game was released in the Netherlands (2021). Playing cards are also in Dutch. But everything is translated in the rules of the game (free download on this website). On Footballastic cards you see symbols and images. And is therefore easy to understand.

1-5 players | 45min playing time | 8+ years | 49 playing cards (action cards, plague cards, joker, cup cards, transfer, yellow and red card) Tin box, 2 explanation paper (in Dutch) Download the translation into English for free on this website.

The game is sold (online) via (Netherlands & Belgium). Sales to other countries are also possible. For more information mail:
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